Malvina: It’s for young people

“They call me the ‘duck lady.'”

Malvina, 77, might be single, but she’s got lots of company. She’s friends with the ducks that loiter around McPherson Square.

Valentine’s Day?
“It’s for young people.”
“We elderly we don’t do nothing anymore because we don’t have time, or the energy.”

(Pointing to the birds)
“This is my family.”
“They know me, and they can talk.”

“They come every night looking for dinner… So I feed them. But I don’t have much food.”
(Gets one, then another bag full of sandwiches from a truck that delivers food to the homeless here every evening. This week, the ducks will be doing just fine.)

(Trying the warm dinner herself).
“This is overcooked.”
“Are you a good cook?”
“I will pray for you so you can get a husband who knows how to cook.”

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