Pookie and Mick: It’s complicated

“Pookie” and Mick have been dating on and off since they were teenagers. They have a 22-year-old son.

So, are you guys together?
Together: It’s complicated.
Pookie: It’s like we’re together but we’re not. We’re best friends but we’d like to keep it that way. Don’t get me wrong — we love each other!
Mick: If we spent 24/7 together we’d kill each other.
Pookie: Our parents tried to put us together when we were babies. We was gonna get married.
Mick: My mother decided to be a bitch about it.

Any plans for Valentine’s Day?
Mick: That’s the day my mom died.
Pookie: Usually I let him…
Mick: But this day I’d love your company.

How old were you when you met?
Mick: I had just turned 18
Pookie: I had just turned 17.
When we was little we always beat up each other. Our parents were like, Oh we like each other… We’d look at each other and smiled and ran off.

What happened then?
Pookie: You went one way and I went the other way.
Mick: We ran into each other — in the shelter of all places.
A lot of old feelings came back.
She’d been gone for like, two years.

How often do you see each other?
Mick: Every couple of weeks now, I want to see you more often.
Pookie: So me, I like to be MIA.

What’s a typical date like?
Pookie: We always meet up at the Church [of the Epiphany]. Then we stay all day together.
Mick: It’s more like a family as opposed to a date day to be honest.

It’s not that easy for them to schedule a date. Here’s why:
Pookie: I have to leave a message [to common acquaintances] telling him where I’m at, and they’ll tell him.
Mick: Except for the two years you were up at Dupont. I had to stumble upon you!

What do you two mean to each other?
Mick: We do keep each other somewhat sane.
Pookie: Yeah ! And like, sometimes I can go over the edge.
Mick: Sometimes I do go over the deep end. She’s probably one of the few people on Earth that can pull me back.
Pookie: [showing her son and family members around her] This is a Valentine’s gift. [Let’s do it again] in July.
Mick: I intend on meeting you a lot more often than that. (

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