James Myricks : Love fluctuates so move on to find new loves and lovers

Love fluctuates, so move on to find new loves and lovers

When you don’t have a lover, I have found it satisfying to reminisce about past relationships that was love like.

I feel that love is a basic need like shelter, food and air. Love is sometimes harder to achieve than the other three because you are dealing with other things that you can’t control like the other person’s feelings, emotions, and thought.

One day they love you; the next day they don’t. I have a problem with the fluctuations of feelings and emotions of the other person.

My past love relationships however did not end because of the fluctuations of feeling and emotions, but because of relocating from one city to the next.

I have had ten past successful relationships that all have ended because of moving: from Albany, Georgia to Atlanta; From Atlanta to Troy, Michigan; from Troy, Michigan to Pontiac, Michigan; from Pontiac to Northern Virginia; from Northern Virginia to the District of Columbia.

I now get my love need of intimacy by partying and getting into Manhattan, New York. Once my feet hit the pavement in New York, the love starts. New York’s environment is set up for love for many reasons. First of all, it is the city that never sleeps. The subways, restaurants are open 24 hours a day. New York has every culture and race imaginable; I love the diversity of culture. When you get tired of your own race and culture, it is easy to just switch to another one to get your love needs satisfied. I love to eat and New York has all of the cuisine which are spicy and delicious.

I would like to end by saying that even at the shelter I am careful not to fall in and out of love for the wrong reasons, which I refer to as the “three s’s”: sex, society and security.

When I love just for the sex, it does not work out. Once the 1 hour of sex is over, what are you going to do with the other person the other 23 hours of the day?

The second “s” and wrong reason reason is falling in love because society says that everyone needs love or the lover and you fall in love because another person or some group of people tell you to fall in love.

Falling in for security has never worked for me because I am in love with this person out of fear and not getting my ASS whip when I am not around this person who will defend me then.

So today, I try to have a little of each one.

A little sex; a little of what others, society say about how good love is; finally, a little security that makes me feel safe and fearless which helps me to reach an orgasm.

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