Michelle Rae Lesher: Eyes of a child

Thank you Lord for this day I pray, I give you praise in your honor. You allowed my feet to wander.

At the age nine you taught me life’s lessons, put a veil over my face and allowed me to make mistakes.

I humbly kneel here you I fear. After years of tears and confession I’ve learned life is truely a blessing.
Homeless at the age of 13 wondering why you allowed this to happen to me. A untold story of how the fostercare system in America failed.

This is in dedication to your Holy grail.

Pain drove me to destruction; with your hands you rebuilt where you would dwell. With your hands you rescued me from the pits of hell.

I trusted you with my feet I had sunk real deep; learned not to rely on my understanding hurting because I had been abandoned. My understanding landed me in the front row seat with a pencil in my hand learning how to be the best me I could be. All because you loved me!

Dreams have awakened no more sleep on self medication after 40 years you opened my eye I am now no longer blind. Thank you father you really saved my behind.

All them years all them tears I’ve learned how to look my fears in the eye, even though I got let behind many of winters in the cold. My untold story is told all to your Glory. I had so many questions; I knocked, bowed down and you answered, with your blessings. You promised you would never leave or forsake me at the age of three; my eyes looked to the sky and you were there protecting me here because you truly cared.

The mountains of Homelessness doesn’t scare me any longer. You built your house with lights, shinning forward, water running through. You gave me a clue. It was in your word thank you Lord.

At your foot stool I will sit.  You are the only one who can predict what the future holds. Each day I will open and learn your lesson and do my best to please you and be your blessing!

— Michelle Rae Lesher

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