Levester Joe Green II: Love Maker

Love Maker

There he is in the dark with nothing on but a devilish grin.
Thinking about his evil deed and fully prepared to indulge in sin.

His eyes glow with an eerie stare as he flicks out his tongue. He can taste it in the air.

He goes into action and it’s like poetry in motion, but to the untrained eye it looks like a lot of comotion.

Up and Down, the movement is vigorous.
Does he love this or is it just lust?
Armed only with his basic instinct and his wit
he ends the event suddenly and rather quick.
His job is over and to that there is no doubt.
So with that thought he decides to slide out.

This isn’t at all about the love we make.
And if you thought so then take a second take.
It was about a day in the life during a meal of a SNAKE.


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