Reaz: These Sleepless Nights

These Sleepless Nights

The dark doesn’t frighten me
Nor does the rain
What frightens me the most
Is this scorching pain

The pain of not being close to you
The pain of these sleepless nights
The pain that haunts me everyday
every hour, at every height

The height not of the mountains
But, of the peak of my sorrows
When will the lord bless me
When will he allow me to live a better tomorrow

I keep my pain inside me
Through these sleepless nights
I don’t expect any sympathy
It’s my pain it’s my plight

I can’t allow myself to drown in self pity
But, I just can’t help it
I broght this pain upon myself
It’s my responsibility to destroy it

The destruction will only be of the self
No matter how much I want to deny it
The pain will stay with me forever
Unless The Lord sees fit to remove it

The Lord angers me sometimes
Through these sleepless nights
Sometimes I just don’t understand
What he has planned in his devine sight

I get tired of looking for you
But, I can’t stop myself
This curiousity brings me more misery
Through your dark closets I delve

You don’t ask me to enter
I allow myself to get in
I know trying to find you
Will bring me more pain

I know I must hold on
Through these sleepless nights
Because one day I will find peace
From this miserable plight

I will keep looking at you
Through you may be out of sight
All I’ll have of you
Are these sleepless nights

— Reaz

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